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10 Best Jailbreak Tweaks For The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Last weekend was a big one for fans of iOS Jailbreaking, Renowned iOS Hacker Pwn2Ownd released a new jailbreak for all of Apples current devices. The only caveat being you need to be running iOS 14.3 or lower. We are now a week into the latest jailbreak and following several updates to the Unc0ver Jailbreak, everything is now running nice and smoothly. Here are my top ten favourite tweaks and applications that still make jailbreaking worth it in 2021.

1. SnowBoard

SnowBoard is a free download from the SparkDev Repo. It is the modern day replacement for Winterboard and it allows you to completely change the look of your device. With a wide selection of icon themes and status bar themes available, you can finally make your iPhone or iPad unique and this is why SnowBoard is first on the list.

2. Zebra

Zebra is a free download from and is a must have application. Zebra is a replacement for Cydia and is much faster and cleaner and will throw out far less errors than the ageing Cydia.

3. AutoUnlockX

AutoUnlockX enables you to unlock your iPhone or iPad as soon as your Face ID is validated without the need for swiping up. There is also an additional option to not unlock if you have a new notification. This makes accessing your phone much faster. AutoUnlock X is available for free from the SparkDev repo.

4. Axon

Axon is another free tweak on the list but goes someway to fix the mess of iOS notifications. Firstly, Axon will group your tweaks using icons on your lockscreen. It also gives you the option of clearing the notifications in one go. It also fixes another major annoyance with iOS, on stock iOS if you unlock your phone then relock it. The notifications you had disappear, this is no longer the case with Axon. Axon can be downloaded from

5. Perseus

Perseus brings Apple’s latest Face ID unlocking feature from iOS 14.5 to earlier versions as long as you have a jailbreak. Perseus works in the same way as Apples implementation, relying on an unlocked apple watch to unlock your phone when you are wearing a face mask. Apples implementation is slightly more secure as it does a partial face scan, however Perseus does have a distance setting and also locks your phone if you take your watch off. You can download Perseus for free from

6. ShortLook

ShortLook is the first paid tweak on the list, but with good reason. Apple have not implemented an Always On Display or any real good notification system. ShortLook brings the Apple Watch style notifications to your iPhone, popping up with the application icon and header (if chosen in settings). This is ideal if your phone is on the table and you are not wearing an Apple Watch. ShortLook is available for around £3 on the Dynastic Repo.

7. Cercube

Cercube brings advanced YouTube features to your iPhone, including the ability to download videos or MP3s, background playback and more. Cercube does have a free version with ads, if you want to remove the in app advertisements there is a one off fee of 15 or a monthly fee of 0.99.

8. Titan

Apple introduced PIP (Picture in Picture) mode with iOS 14, however it still doesnt natively support YouTube. Titan has not officially been updated for iOS 14, however it works if you are using YouTube version 15.35.2. Titan allows YouTube PIP and it works as well as the native implementation. Titan is available from Chariz repo for 1.99 and works alongside Cercube perfectly.

9. CarPlayEnable

CarPlayEnable is an amazing free tweak for iOS14. This tweak allows you to use any application in CarPlay, including YouTube. Always remember to keep your eyes on the road though 🙂 You can download CarPlayEnable for free from

10. Snapper 2

The final tweak on this list is the tweak you never knew you needed, until you try it.. Snapper 2 allows you to capture a section of the screen and then displays it in an overlay. Remember the time you wanted to copy a code from one app to another, or wanted to know how to spell something without copy and paste? Well Snapper 2 is fantastic for these scenarios. Snapper 2 is available from Packix for 3 dollars.

Thanks for reading this far, all of these tweaks are confirmed to be working and are running perfectly on my daily driver iPhone 12 Pro Max. What tweaks do you use the most? Let us know in the comments!

Hi all, I'm Alan and I am the main writer at I have a huge passion for technology and I am experienced at using both iOS and Android. I have previously worked for a major UK mobile network in a technical support role and I also represented Samsung at major product events such as IFA and MWC. I have decided to restart my blog during the COVID-19 lockdown and it is also a great opportunity to share my passion for technology with all of you.


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