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Best Apps To Pass The Time During Quarantine

We are currently facing unprecedented times, being separated from our loved ones and distancing ourselves from the social aspect of life can be difficult. However, we still have access to our mobiles and tablets to help pass the time during the quarantine. I decided to share some of the apps I enjoy using during the COVID-19 lockdown

1 – MyFitnessPal

Watching our waistlines during the lockdown is certainly difficult, Gym’s are closed and in the UK we are limited to one walk per day for exercise. MyFitnessPal allows you to track your exercise but most importantly keep in touch with your calorie intake. I lost six stone since I started using the app many years ago so I can vouch for its effectiveness.

MyFitnessPal – Available on both iOS and Android for free. Premium subscription also available.

2 – Whatsapp Messenger/Facebook Messenger

You most likely would have heard of these apps already, however they deserved a place on the list in the current climate. Whatsapp Messenger works cross-platform and allows you to share messages and pictures. Both applications also allow you to make calls and video calls. This is ideal if you have an Android phone or tablet and need to communicate with your friends using Apple devices. Both apps are free to download on both iOS and Android.

3 – Apple Arcade

Apple launched its new Arcade service during the iPhone 11 pro keynote. Apple Arcade is a paid service that costs £4.99 a month in the UK, however, this gives you full access to several exclusive titles. You can expect some further posts on Apple Arcade in the future although some of our early favourites are Spyder, Hot Lava, Rayman Mini and Oceanhorn 2. Apple Arcade will work on iPhone, iPad or an Apple TV.

4 – Bully (£6.99 on iOS and Android)

Bully is a personal favourite of mine. As mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, you will navigate the social hierarchy of prep school. Like other Rockstar games, the game can be a little rude at times with tongue in cheek humour. However, this is one of the best console game ports I have played on a mobile device. With a thorough storyline, different missions and objectives. Bully is sure to pass many hours when you get stuck into it.

5 – Smule

Smule is The Social Singing App. I love a good karaoke session but unfortunately, this is impossible in the current climate. Smule aims to fix this as you can record solo singles or record duets with friends or other singers from around the world. Smule has a very large library to choose from including all of the classic chart-toppers. Smule offers a subscription service too for unlimited access.

6 – TikTok

TikTok is the latest breakthrough in the world of social media. TikTok allows users to create short videos and reenact classing movies or sporting events, each video lasts for 15 seconds. TikTok was formally known as and promises to bring karaoke, dancing and comedy.

7 – Elevate

Elevate was selected by Apple as the App of the Year. Elevate has a variety of challenges to keep your brain ticking over and is a great way to have a mental break throughout the workday. Working from home and stay indoors can be tiresome, Elevate can certainly help with that. Elevate is available for both iOS and Android, the app is free to download however a premium subscription is also available.

Hi all, I'm Alan and I am the main writer at I have a huge passion for technology and I am experienced at using both iOS and Android. I have previously worked for a major UK mobile network in a technical support role and I also represented Samsung at major product events such as IFA and MWC. I have decided to restart my blog during the COVID-19 lockdown and it is also a great opportunity to share my passion for technology with all of you.


  1. Amazing article with so many useful app recommendations. Personally not a big fan of Bully but thank you for this review!


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