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Dell XPS 13 – Quick Review

Long gone are the times of hefty and bulky PCs because people are looking for lightweight and portable options. One such industry player is Dell, as they have brought forward thin and lightweight laptops with cutting-edge features. Well, they have come with another XPS 13 (2020 Version). Dell has been famous for considering the user’s needs instead of focusing on the integration of non-practical features. 

Be it the touchpad size, nose cam, or screen size, Dell has corrected them to make sure users’ needs and preferences are being fulfilled. Dell has finally bid farewell to 16:9 screens, and people have been pretty excited about this display change. The bottom bezel’s size has been reduced from 19.5mm to 4.6mm while the drop in barrel has been seen. 

The side and top bezels have been expanded to offer a larger size. These were previously shut off on the predecessor, and with this new option, the display size is 16:10, and the screen to body ration is 91.5% (well, who wouldn’t love that!) space has been enhanced while the pixels are even more than the 1080 panel. This means if you like to watch your season in one window and work in another, that’s going to be a seamless experience. 


Wow! This is the only word we have for the outlook of this design with bezel-less design, and the overall design portrays nothing but luxury and premium aesthetics. Topped with a touchpad and an extended keyboard, the laptop’s space has been utilized effectively. The thickness if one 0.58 inches and the weight is enough to be carried around without the sprain (2.8 pounds!) The touchpad is 17% bigger than the previous model with a smooth surface and seamless clicking! 


The laptop has 16:10 screen size with vibrant and deep colors. The screen is highly bright, with 500 nits. If you are fond of dark and scary movies, congratulations because you have found a perfect fit with this laptop’s visuals and graphics, however, you might need to overlook the blue cast, and if you cannot, just switch off the ambient light sensor. 


For meeting the user needs, there are two thunderbolt-3 bolts, topped with a microSD slot and a headphone jack. With the laptop, there is a USB-A adaption. Overall, Dell has tried to integrate a range of ports to meet diverse needs and to make sure there is no need to invest in an additional dongle. 


This XPS 13 has been integrated with the i7-1065G7 system, commonly named the Ice Lake processor. With this processor, there are eight threads and four cores.  This processor is an apt choice for photo and video working in addition to gaming. In contrast, if you are an Excel, programming, or coding person, you might need to look for some other option. 


Integrated with generation 11 graphics and Iris plus, the graphics have been improved, promising optimal gaming performance. In other words, you don’t need to hover over the low-tier MX chips because, for light gaming, this system will do just fine. The games like Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch are playable (and ace-able!) with this laptop. 


For the multitasking people, this laptop will make a good option because even with Spotify streaming, background downloading, and dozens of tabs opened in Chrome; there was no stall in the performance. However, you might need to consider the heating as the keyboard tends to heat up. However, the CPU has been designed to run cooler under intensive workloads. 

Battery Life

With a high workload and increased brightness, the laptop worked for over seven hours. This timing means that you can simply charge it once, and it will pass you through the working day without a charger. Even more, if you want to play, you can easily play your way around huge games for hours (three to four hours with maximum brightness), and it won’t cause a huge drain on the battery. 


There are bottom-mounted speakers on this laptop, and they are pretty excellent for basic use. At very high volumes (higher than 90%), the audio becomes shaky, but below it, it does a clear job. In addition, the bass isn’t as strong as some of its competitors, but one can always add external speakers, right? 

The Final Verdict

If you have been looking for a portable and laptop for work-related use, there is no better option than this XPS 13 range. The audio and battery life is great, while the graphics are enough to provide an appealing movie and gaming experience! 

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