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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Official Leather Cover Review

I have always been a fan of the Official Leather Case that Apple makes for its iPhones. I previously purchased Samsung’s version for the S20 Ultra, however, I never kept that phone long enough to test the case due to its autofocus issues.

So now that I am keeping the Note 20 Ultra (until 18th September at least), I decided to give the Official Leather Cover another try. I opted for the brown version as I have the Mystic White Note 20 Ultra and I thought that it would be the nicest match. The Official Leather Cover is quite expensive, retailing for around £44 in the UK. However, it can often be found cheaper at Amazon.

The Back of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leather Cover

The Leather Cover comes in clear and simple packaging, similar to the rest of Samsung’s official case range. The case fits on to the phone very easily but also feels snug when it is on. The inside of the case is microfiber-lined to prevent any scratches to the rear of your device. The cover also protects the bottom of the Note 20 Ultra, this is a great improvement over its predecessors.

The brown Note 20 Ultra Leather Cover
Note 20 Ultra Leather CoverNote 20 Ultra Leather Cover

The buttons on the case are made from aluminium which means they feel very tactile. This is not the case to go for if you are looking for drop protection, however, it will be ideal if you want protection from scratches and minor bumps whilst also adding a luxurious feel to your Note 20 Ultra. The cover does feature a raised camera lip to help when placing the Note 20 Ultra on a flat surface due to the raised camera bump.

Close-up of Note 20 Ultra Leather Cover

Final Thoughts

The Official Leather Cover is a premium case and is worth considering if you’re not clumsy with your phone. The case will offer protection from scratches and minor bumps whilst also giving the soft touch of premium leather. The case can feel a little slippy straight out the box, however, this is normal for genuine leather. I am not sure if the Samsung cases follow the same patina effect as the Apple variants, however, I am interested to find out. For a more hands-on look at the case, please watch our below video.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • Luxurious feel in the hand.
  • Raised camera lip offering camera bump protection on a flat surface.
  • Aluminium buttons are great.


  • Slippy out of the box.
  • Not the most protective case.
  • Expensive
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