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How To Make The Most Of Your Apple Magic Keyboard

Whether you own the 11 inch or 12.9 iPad Pro, the Apple Magic Keyboard is a great accessory to boost your productivity and get that step closer to replacing your laptop. In this article we will look at the gestures and shortcuts available for the Magic Keyboard and we will show you how to make the most of your Apple Magic Keyboard.


The Apple Magic Keyboard features a nicely sized trackpad for a variety of gestures along with cursor support. We will now cover the main gestures.

  • Wake up the device with screen off – Click the trackpad once. (Once Face ID has been recognized, click once again or press the keyboard once to unlock)
  • Bring up the dock whilst in an application – Swipe down with one finger.
  • Return to homescreen – Swipe up with three fingers.
  • Bring up control centre – Click on the battery percentage in the top right of your device.
  • Open notification centre – Swipe up with one finger past the top of the trackpad.
  • Scrolling within the browser or applications – Swipe with two fingers up or down.
  • Changing between recent applications – Swipe with two fingers left or right.
  • Zoom in or out – Pinch together to zoom in or apart to zoom out.
  • Open recent apps switcher – Swipe up with three fingers then pause
  • Switch Apps – Swipe left or right with three fingers
  • Open iOS14 Today View – Swipe right with two fingers, Swipe left with two fingers to close
  • Open search – Swipe down on the trackpad with two fingers
  • Secondary Click (Right-click) – Click with two fingers (This must be enabled in settings, please see below)

Useful Options

On your iPad Settings application, if you go into General – Trackpad. From here you can choose further options for your Magic Keyboard. Firstly you can choose the tracking speed (this will increase the speed in which your cursor moves across the screen). The next option you will see is Natural Scrolling, this will follow the normal scrolling direction of your iPad. However, I have turned this off as I prefer scrolling down to go down and visa versa. The next option is Tap to Click, I immediately turned this on as I found the actual click to be a little loud and I am used to just tapping on most laptops. The final option is Two-Finger Secondary Click, this refers to the gesture mentioned above and enables a two-finger click to create a secondary/right-click.

It is also worth noting that you can change the brightness of your Magic Keyboard by going into the Settings application. General – Keyboard – Hardware Keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Not only is your Magic Keyboard full of useful gestures, it also has keyboard shortcuts in a similar fashion to a Mac Computer. Here are some of the most useful ones below.

  • Return Home – CMD + H
  • Switch Apps – Alt + Tab
  • Search – CMD + Space
  • Take a screenshot – CMD + Shift + 3
  • Bring up the dock – CMD + Option + D
  • View all shortcuts – Hold CMD

What shortcuts or tricks do you use on your Apple Magic Keyboard? Let us know in the comments below.

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