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NuraLoop Review – Great Sound Is Not Enough

After 12 months of waiting the Nuraloop has finally been released. For those that have not used Nura headphones before, Nura is an Australian company that focuses on setting up individual sound profiles for each user. I previously used the over the ear NuraPhones and was incredibly impressed, they delivered superb bass and a fantastic soundstage. The only reason I stopped using them personally is due to my preference for smaller in earbuds for exercising. Therefore I was super excited when I learnt the NuraLoops would be arriving after such a long wait and my expectations were high.

Accessories & Setup

The NuraLoops come in a small square box, the package includes a charging cable, analog cable (to use the headphones with a headphone jack) and a small pouch.

Before you can start to use the NuraLoops you will need to download the Nura application from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Once you open the application and create a Nura account, you will then set up your profile. The application will start by testing the fit of the NuraLoops in your ears and will advise if anything is wrong. You will then hear a variety of beeping and high pitched sounds for around one minute, this is where the magic happens and your unique sound profile is created.

Sound Quality With Issues

Make no mistake, the difference in the neutral profile and the customised profile made for you is huge. Nura is really onto something here and maybe this will be the future of headphones, making a unique sound profile based on your own ears. However, despite the terrific sound, I will be returning the NuraLoops. I will now explain why.

I have encountered a wide variety of issues with the NuraLoops despite only using them for a short amount of time. The first major issue for me was the comfort, the wire that connects the buds is too short and the connector is heavy. This resulted in the headphones being yanked out of my ears by my coat or collar on a regular basis.

The second issue is there is currently no way to power the NuraLoops down. This will be rectified in a firmware update, however, its surprising such a forward-thinking company didn’t think of this prior to release. This meant that on more than one occasion I would turn the NuraLoops off at 60% battery, however, when I wanted to use them the next day they had already drained due to being constantly connected. This can be resolved by manually going into your Bluetooth settings and disconnecting, however, this isn’t ideal for such a techy product.

The touch controls are also way too over sensitive for my liking, due to the wire tugging at your ears regularly you will need to adjust the headphone back into place. You will then activate either the pause button or the social mode. On a side note, the social mode active noise cancellation is actually very good and blocked out more noise than my AirPods Pro.

The NuraLoops also use a proprietary charging cable. This means if you lose the cable or forget it when travelling, you have no method of charging the headphones. This may seem minor, but it is easy to forget a small headphone cable when you are packing for a holiday (maybe in 2021). Also, whilst on the subject of the charging cable, the cable is so short you will most likely have to leave the NuraLoops on the floor whilst charging.

Connectivity & Battery

The NuraLoops do feature multiple microphones and this means call quality is superb. The NuraLoops also feature Bluetooth 5 and support the Qualcomm Apt X Codec which ensures a flawless connection and superb sound on compatible devices. The NuraPhones also suggest 16 hours on a single charge, however, I did not get the opportunity to test this due to the issue mentioned above. Despite the outstanding call quality, I experienced issues on multiple occasions where I would answer an incoming call and it would come via the phone despite the NuraLoops being connected.

Final Verdict

So, what is my overall opinion on the NuraLoops? Nura suggests that you can hear music in full colour, and this is true. The sound quality is superb and is better than the AirPods Pro or Galaxy Buds. However, due to various issues I have experienced, I will be returning them. Nura has promised a firmware update and offered to extend the return period, however, I believe some of the issues are hardware related and I would rather wait for the next generation.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pros –

  • Superb sound quality
  • 16-hour battery life
  • Analog cable to use wired (useful for travelling)
  • Unique sound profile based on your own hearing

Cons –

  • Lots of technical issues that are relying on a firmware update
  • Wire is short and heavy which pulls the NuraLoops out of your ears
  • Proprietary charging cable

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