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PhoneRebel Frosted Case Review

It has been over a year in the making, the PhoneRebel case by popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro. The launch itself hit various snags with delayed shipping and stock issues due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Luckily, I have now got my hands on the Frosted version. The case is shipped from China, however, I received it within 5 days in the UK which was mightily impressive.

The case comes in a very well presented package, it is the sort of box you would expect to see on a shelf in the Apple Store. In the box, you will find a tempered glass screen protector, some clear side covers (for the stainless steel exposed sides) and the case.

The case slips onto the phone easily and once it is on the case has a very solid with hardly any movement at the top or bottom of the case. There is also a raised lip around the camera to protect your lenses from any drops.

I have now used the case for almost 2 weeks and it is my favourite case by far for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The case offers great drop protection whilst having the feel that Apple intended. Unfortunately, I did attempt to fit the clear side stickers however I found these to be fiddly and decided to not use them. I do interchange with the Apple Smart Battery Case on a regular basis and I feel the clear stickers would also interfere with this. The included protector seems to be good quality although I am using a Belkin protector and didn’t feel like removing this one as it is still in great condition.

Filip (EverythingApplePro) carried out various 50ft drops using the Rebel Case on his channel and the phone survived without any damage although I haven’t been brave enough to try this myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the PhoneRebel Frosted case, I chose the Frosted to show the white finish through the back of the case and I am also a fan of the matte feel which is very similar to the original back of the 11 Pro Max.

The PhoneRebel case is great value at approximately £30 with an included glass screen protector. I am tempted to order the carbon Rebel version however it is currently out of stock. Filip has already confirmed that he will be releasing various accessories to accompany the Rebel case and a 2nd generation version is already in development.

Keep an eye on the MobileMadeSimple youtube channel for an hands on video soon!


Futuristic design, Good protection without being bulky, Matte feel similar to the original iPhone back.

Cons –

Exposed sides may be worrisome for some people, Sides may scratch

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