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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Fully Revealed

Samsung has finally fully revealed the latest device in its folding series, The Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung decided to put the Z from the Z Flip into the name, I would have been happy with it simply being called the Fold 2. Nevertheless, this looks to be a seriously impressive device.

The Z Fold 2 improves on pretty much every area of the original Fold. The small front screen has now been increased from 4.6 inches on the original fold to 6.2 inches. The unfolded display has also received a number of improvements, the big notch has now been replaced by a small hole punch camera. The refresh rate has been upped to 120hz adaptive and the screen has also increased from 7.3 inches to 7.6.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Wide View

Even more importantly, the main part of the device is the hinge as this plays a major part in the day to day use of the device. The hinge mechanism has been greatly improved over the first generation. The hinge is now similar to the one found on the Z Flip, this means you can use the fold in a variety of different positions. Samsung has also included software features to take advantage of the newly improved folding function. For example, in the camera application, you can fold the phone and see the viewfinder on the top half whilst all your camera controls are on the bottom half. Samsung also showed Google Duo working in the folded form during its online presentation.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Open

I have already ordered the Fold Z 2 in bronze and I am now eagerly awaiting testing the device out and putting it through its paces. However, it is due to arrive on the 15th but I will be away from home until the 19th, that will be an anxious 4 days! The Galaxy Z Fold 2 retails for £1799 from Samsung direct and will be officially launched on the 18th September.

Will you be buying a fold? Let us know in the comments below.

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