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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case – Review

When Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro Max, they stated that due to the advancements in the A13 processor the battery would be improved by at least five hours. During my time with the iPhone 11 Pro Max I have found this to be true as the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the best battery life I have experienced on any modern smartphone. The Pro Max lasts me all day and yet I am a very heavy user. However, when Apple released a new version of the Smart Battery Case I still decided to buy it.

The Smart Battery Case is made of the same material as the Official Silicone Case. This means the case is very grippy and soft to the touch so you are unlikely to drop the phone whilst using the Smart Battery Case. The Case is heavy and adds further bulk to an already heavy device, however, I find the bulk at the back gives extra grip and something to hold on to. I regularly switch between the Smart Battery Case and the Official Leather, however, I have started to miss the extra grip from the bump when using the leather one. It is also worth pointing out that the cutouts at the bottom of the case are perfectly cut out and any lightening port accessories you may have will still work as normal.

I have used Smart Battery Cases for the last few years on previous models, however, this year Apple have added a new feature in the form of a camera button. The camera button works like a shutter button on a point and shoot camera. A single press doesn’t do anything, you need to press and hold for a couple of seconds and then the camera application will automatically open. You can then use the camera button to take photos with a single press, or hold the button down to record video. However, the video will only record until the button is depressed. I have been impressed with the feel of the button and I can see it being very useful for a day of travelling as you will benefit from the extra battery life and be able to point and shoot photos without touching the screen.

Now on to the most important part of the review and that is the actual battery performance of the case. From my experience over the last few weeks, I can usually get to late evening before the case runs out of battery. This is with A normal days usage, running multiple email accounts, browsing the net and also using constant social media and messenger applications. Apple claims that the Smart Battery Case will give you 50% extra battery and I have found this to be pretty accurate. The case is Qi wireless charging compatible and can also charge faster using USB-PD chargers.

Like all Apple products, the Smart Battery Case offers great integration into iOS. The battery percentage of the case will show in the batteries widget and will also show on the lock screen when charging. The case has circuit protection and should assist your iPhone battery to last longer if you use the case full time as this will prevent your iPhone battery having as many cycles.

Overall I really enjoy using the Smart Battery Case as I have done with the previous generations. It may not be for everyone due to the already stellar battery life offered on the 11 Pro Max. However, if you are a power user and are always on your iPhone then you will benefit from the case. The case can be purchased for £129 directly from Amazon, however, you can often them on eBay for around £70-£80.


Added grip, Superb battery life, iOS integration, Qi wireless charging and support for USB-PD fast chargers

Cons –

Heavy and can be bulky for some, Expensive, Silicone can attract lint and discolour.

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  1. The best most relatable review of this case.
    So many people are biased but i see none of that from this.

    Fabulous review and can not wait to read more!


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