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The Best Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases And Covers

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is nearly upon us. Samsung’s latest foldable phone will launch for £1,799 in the UK, making the Galaxy Z Fold 2 one of the most expensive handsets you can currently buy. For this high price, you are likely to need a case to protect your latest investment. Although the cases for the Z Fold 2 are currently few and far between, we will take a look at the best Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases and Covers.

Official Samsung Leather Cover

The Samsung Official Leather Cover is a great way to protect your Galaxy Z Fold 2 from scratches and minor bumps, whilst also maintaining a luxurious feel. The slim design of the case will protect your Fold without adding unnecessary bulk. The Official Leather Cover is available in Brown, Green and Black. – £69.99

Official Aramid Standing Cover

The Samsung Official Aramid Standing Cover is another luxurious official case. Aramid is made from strong synthetic fibres and is often used in luxury cars and the aerospace industry. The case includes a kickstand which is ideal for watching movies on the Z Fold 2’s excellent display. It is worth noting that the official Samsung description advises that you can use the kickstand when your phone is folded. However, the official pictures show the case standing with the display unfolded. – £59.99.

UAG Civilian Series

UAG are renowned for making stylish cases with the utmost protection, the UAG Civilian series looks set to follow this trend. The case is designed to be tough, along with a soft shock absorbing core. The Civilian case also protects the hinge of your Galaxy Z Fold 2. The case will be available in one months time in the UK. – £49.99

Araree Bonnet Wallet Case

The Araree Bonnet Wallet Case offers 360° protection for your Galaxy Z Fold 2, along with a convenient viewing stand. The case is made from premium Saffiano Leather and is cheaper than Samsung’s Official Leather Cover. The case is available in Ash Blue and Black. – £34.99

Spigen Tough Armour

Spigen is known for stylish cases at a great price and the Tough Armour case for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is no different. The case is made from a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for ultimate protection and also offers protection for the hinge of your Z Fold 2. The case includes a reinforced kickstand to support your Fold whilst watching videos and also offers raised protection around the camera. Unfortunately, the case is not currently listed on and is showing a release date of January 2021 on However, it is definetly worth keeping an eye on. – $49.99 (US Dollars)

Spigen Thin Fit

The Spigen Thin Fit is the opposite to the Spigen Tough Armour. The Thin Fit is designed to keep your Galaxy Z Fold 2 protected from scratches whilst remaining lightweight and pocket friendly. The Thin Fit comes with a great matte finish that I have previously enjoyed on other phones. The original buttons are also exposed which means you get the click response that Samsung intended. The case is not as protective as the others on this list but it will be ideal if you are someone that takes care of your gadgets. The Thin Fit is currently only showing on with a December release date. However, the case is sure to come to shortly. – $29.99

DBrand Skins

If none of the other cases on this list take your fancy, why not order a DBrand Skin? DBrand offer a wide range of materials and colours to really customize your Z Fold 2 to your own tastes. Of course, a skin will not protect your device from drops or bangs but it will protect the back of your device and camera lens from scratches.

Which case do you prefer? Do you have any other recommendations? Please let us know in the comments. Hopefully, more cases will be available once the Z Fold 2 is officially launched. If you are looking for cases for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, please visit our reviews below.

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