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Video Conferencing – Zoom Alternatives

The world is in lockdown, but businesses cannot stop, right? For working remotely, videoconferences have become the ultimate solution. Videoconferences are connecting people around the world for carrying on the business and communicate with clients and stakeholders. However, with a sudden burden on Zoom, it can sometimes run a little slow and also has its privacy concerns.

Some people are concerned about the security after news circulation of about breaching of personal information on Zoom and the account selling on the dark web. So, if you are ready to bid farewell to Zoom for videoconferences, we have added multiple options in the article below. Start reading now to get on with business with zero compromises on protection!


Well, this might be the most common option out there as we all have used Skype for video calling our friends and family at some point in life. It can be similarly used for videoconferences. Skype has launched a Meet Now feature, which is much better than Zoom. With this feature, there is no need to have an account as the conference can be joined through the link.
Besides, there is a capacity of 50 users, and with a text chat window, you can share your ideas and suggestions in text form. Skype can be readily used on Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac devices for free. However, there are no organization tools in Skype for meetings and conferences.

GoTo Meeting

Well, with this platform name, we would say that it can become the go-to option as it’s the pioneer of the videoconferencing platforms. The smallest package allows over 150 participants, and if you opt for an enterprise plan, the participant range can go up to 3,000. There are meeting recording and screen-sharing options available with readily available access on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. 

Google Hangouts/Google Meet

This platform has a free and paid version. The free version is widely used, but the popularity of the paid version is increasing too. The paid version is known as Hangouts Meet through which users can videoconference with over 250 participants at one time. There are meeting recording and presentation features. Once the presentation or meeting is over, it can be saved to Drive for later use. There is no need to create an account because participants can join the meetings through links. In contrast, the free version tends to offer a participant capacity of 150. However, the free version doesn’t have recording or presentation options.


If you are trying to replace Zoom with some other platform, Discord will be a good option as it has been used by gamers for years. However, the app has encryption for video calls, messages, and chats, which make it apt for anyone. There is a dedicated server option where texts and video sessions can be used. There Is a Go Live option that offers participant capacity ranging from 10 to 50. Also, it’s readily available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS users.

Microsoft Teams

So, this is the name that everyone trusts, and with exceptional demand, they have redesigned Skype to offer a new platform. With Teams, the users can host meetings with 250 participants along with other tools like meeting recording and screen sharing. There are two different Office plans available to offer storage for the drive.

Zoho Meeting

This is an open-source video chatting platform that allows the users to host encrypted video sessions and calls, there is a participant capacity of over 100 people. There is no need to sign up for the account as anyone can join through the link. The platform can be accessed through apps and browsers. Also, there are features like call recording and muting participants. The documents and presentations can be pulled on the platform. In contrast, if you intend to host the webinars, the costs will change.

Amidst the chaos, ensuring effective and uninterrupted communication has become integral for businesses. All in all, the implication of technology in these videoconferencing platforms is helpful with their cutting-edge features. So, simply choose the one that suits your needs and participant capacity!

Hi all, I'm Alan and I am the main writer at MobileMadeSimple.co.uk. I have a huge passion for technology and I am experienced at using both iOS and Android. I have previously worked for a major UK mobile network in a technical support role and I also represented Samsung at major product events such as IFA and MWC. I have decided to restart my blog during the COVID-19 lockdown and it is also a great opportunity to share my passion for technology with all of you.


  1. Cant get over how useful this article is, its helped me reconnect with my family and friends during the lockdown. I finally feel a sense of company rather than just watching movies on my own.


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