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Why I Still Use An iPhone…

The iPhone 11 Pro Max launched over six months ago. Since the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro Max we have seen various competitors launched with bigger camera sensors, more megapixels, more zooming capabilities and bigger batteries. As a tech enthusiast, I have tried many of the android alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, my daily driver is still the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I have listed my reasons below for still using the iPhone as my daily driver.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the greatest SmartWatch in the world currently. With the Series 5 launch, Apple introduced the Always-On-Display to an already great watch. Like the iPhone, the haptics on the Apple Watch is market-leading. Along with excellent notifications, swipe to reply and an ECG. What more would you want from a SmartWatch?


Applications on iOS are often higher quality than their Android counterparts. Apps are usually always initially launched on the iPhone first before they make their way over to the Google Play Store. When developers are coding apps for iOS, they are making an app for a small handful of highly polished devices. Whilst Android gives the user a vast array of devices to choose from, this can be a nightmare for developers due to different processors, GPU and RAM.

Pascals Wager – Currently only on iOS. Coming for Android in Q2 2020

Face ID Integration & Security

When I initially heard about Face ID during the iPhone X launch event I was excited. Face ID was great on its initial launch, however, it has improved with every generation. Face ID is a seamless process when unlocking your phone, opening secure apps or entering passwords into Safari. Android manufacturers have now moved forward with fingerprint sensors underneath the screen, however, these can be quite messy and are not always secure. Starling Bank in the UK released a notification on their banking app to advise customers with a Samsung Galaxy S10 device to avoid using the fingerprint sensor to unlock the app. Samsung does offer an alternative face unlock, however, this is based on simple facial recognition and can easily be fooled with a photo or a lookalike. Apple devices also have encryption features to safeguard user data and enable remote wipe in the case of device theft or loss.


Apple devices have the largest selection of accessories. Whether you are looking for protective cases, light cases or clear cases. You will be able to find one that takes your fancy either online or on the high street. I use the Apple Smart Battery Case or the Official Apple Leather Case. The leather case is a particular favourite of mine as it feels superb in the hand and patinas over time to give a very unique look. I am also a fan of Caudabe and Mous, both manufacturers are now offering a few cases for the most popular Android devices however their Apple offerings are usually available soon after launch.

iMessage & Facetime

iMessage & Facetime are not as crucial for me in the UK due to most people using Whatsapp or Facebook, although I still use it as a link-up between my MacBook Pro and iPad. iMessage is fully secure and enables people to communicate worldwide by using their Apple devices. During the current Coronavirus pandemic, Facetime is more important than ever to see our loved ones.

Ease Of Use

I class myself as quite an advanced user, having tested and played around with Smartphones for over ten years. Nevertheless, I still appreciate the simplicity that comes with iOS. Rather than diagnosing faults, or wondering why an application is crashing, i can simply use my phone as a reliable tool. Another area where the iPhone excels is the camera, the iPhone camera is a simple point and shoot. This is perfect for me as i don’t want to mess about with advanced camera settings, I just want to open the camera and capture the moment and the iPhone is perfect for this.

Customer Service & Support

Apple offers world-class customer service whether you are using the support application or visiting a member of staff in-store. In most cases, if your Apple device cannot be repaired you will receive a like for like replacement at the Genius Bar during your appointment (warranty dependant). Additionally, even entering the Apple Store to buy an accessory is a pleasant experience. Often you will be greeted as soon as you enter the store, then allocated a member of staff who will guide you through the whole process until you leave the store.

Hi all, I'm Alan and I am the main writer at I have a huge passion for technology and I am experienced at using both iOS and Android. I have previously worked for a major UK mobile network in a technical support role and I also represented Samsung at major product events such as IFA and MWC. I have decided to restart my blog during the COVID-19 lockdown and it is also a great opportunity to share my passion for technology with all of you.


  1. Amazing article and very valid and useful information. Apple is a very versatile ecosystem with ease of use and the benefit of stability.

    I, myself, always return to Apple every time I consider a new device. Wish I had the iPad Pro 11 inch which was complete my setup.


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