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ZtotopCase Magnetic Case For iPad 11 2020 – Review

If you have recently purchased a new iPad Pro 2020 version, you are likely looking for a nice case to protect your purchase. Apple sell an Official Smart Folio Case which is £79 for the 11-inch version and £99 for the 12.9-inch version. However, I didn’t wish to spend this much on an iPad case.

Whilst browsing on Amazon I came across a highly rated case by Ztotopcase. The Magnetic Case had positive reviews and looked very similar to the Smart Folio case. Sure enough, the case arrived today thanks to the prompt delivery from Amazon UK despite the COVID-19 situation.

The Ztotopcase has a nice soft feel, although it does show fingerprints.

The case feels luxurious in the hand, it is a very smooth material and is very pleasant to hold. I did notice that the case does attract fingerprints although these were quickly removed with a microfiber cloth. The case is similar to the Smart Folio as the magnets attach to the back of the iPad. I have attempted to hold the case by the front cover and the iPad doesn’t move from the back magnetic plate so you can rest assured that your iPad is secure.

The case has two main standing positions, you can prop your iPad up for watching movies or you can use it in the typing position shown above. The stand is strong and I didn’t feel like the iPad would fall at any point. The case is very slim and I like the convenience of being able to remove and reattach the iPad within a few seconds and the front cover has the normal microfibre lining to protect your screen when the iPad is in a bag.

ZtotopCase does sell a more robust version that protects against drops for those that are more clumsy with their iPads however I am very happy with the magnetic version I purchased. The iPad Pro 11 inch case retails for £16.99 on Amazon.co.uk and can be purchased here. If you have the 12.9 inch iPad Pro the case will cost you £23.99 from Amazon.co.uk and can be purchased here. This case is a superb alternative to the expensive Apple Official Case.


Soft texture, Magnetic attachment for easy removal, Strong stand, Cheap


Can show fingerprints

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